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Fabric & Accessory Sourcing

Why You Need a Garment Factory Who Offer Fabric And Accessory Sourcing Services?

1. Respect of cooperate

Material sourcing is no doubt a difficult task. It is a very dynamic process, according to your idea of fabric texture, feel, color, weight in your mind and also your design. Sometimes it takes several days or even several weeks to source the material. 

2. Bring your idea to real life

Working Brand Stuff, we help you make all your ideas a reality. No matter if it’s a common fabric on the market or fabric that needs to be customized, we do our best to work out for you.

3. Experienced veteran

Only the veteran in the clothing industry has a keen eye for fabrics and accessories. They know what kind of material matches your design the best.

4. Supply chain advantages

If your clothing supplier offers sourcing service normally means that they are located in the garment industry belt. Only those clothing suppliers located in the apparel industry zone are willing to source fabric and trims for you. Because sourcing is time-consuming and complicated work. And when your supplier is in the industry belt it also means that he is in a place with a complete supply chain which will greatly reduce their costs and thus give you the best price.